Chic Clothing and Accessories at Pebbles – Pune Children’s Clothing Store

This kids’ store in Pune was started by Ketan Shah on October 21st, 2007. Earlier they had Imperial men’s wear showroom here but due to the invasion of malls they decided to start a kid’s store.What you see – The adorable board of Pebbles with tagline – Budding fashions – and the cute display of stylish clothes beckon mothers and kids inside. As you enter you see a striking poster of kids right behind the counter.What you get – The store caters to clothing needs of kids from 0-14 years of age. They have casuals, formals and party wear in western and traditional variety. The ground level stocks girls’ clothing while the first level is for the boys. Zapp, Weekender, Peppermint, Chase, Vitamins, Tiny Baby Doll and Infancy are some of the brands available here. The clothes are neatly segregated as per types – jeans, skirts, dresses, party wear, salwar kameez and ghaghra choli. The posters of the clothes displayed make decision making easier.They have an excellent collection of trendy wear. We loved a denim halter (Rs. 475) with a belt and silver strings which could be teamed with a white skirt or a pair of jeans. In party wear they have a glamorous peach sequined dress for Rs. 765 from Leh Berry. In Indian wear most of the dresses are of the designer variety. These are available in a variety of materials like crushed cotton, crepe and tussar. We found a designer piece in black crushed cotton teamed with leggings and a crushed stole stitched in Anarkali style really hip. For weddings they have silk churidar kurta and ghaghra cholis with unique color combinations and intricate embroidery.In traditional wear the boys have great choices too. A raw silk kurta with a blend of tussar silk and dhoti along with a stole are available in pink, blue and more. Cotton churidar kurtas in variety of colors like white, beige, orange, blue, black and cream are priced at Rs. 520 and are perfect for the hot summers. In casuals we realized that color pink is the new blue for boys as it was dominant here.This Children’s Clothing store also has a wide variety of jeans, cargos and trousers to be teamed with smart T-shirts. They have casual sets and party wear sets too. In casuals we liked a yellow T-shirt teamed with green cargos from Chase and in party wear their designer embroidered shirts in colors like pink and white in corduroy are good picks.┬áThe jeans for boys and girls are available for Rs. 700 and more. In formals, we spotted a chic imported two-piece suit in white with sequins on the jacket and satin shirt teamed with trousers. We also found suits of Superman and Batman here.Accessories like caps and a limited collection of shoes are available too. For the rainy season they have raincoats and umbrellas with famous cartoon characters on them. They have a special collection of Winnie the Pooh slip-ons which are really cute.For babies they have a special section with products from companies like Carter, Johnson & Johnson and Pigeon. It includes baby’s feeding accessories, cosmetics, accessories (socks, towels, mittens etc), bath products (soaps, shampoo, tub etc), utilities (teethers, combs, puffs etc) and clothing and inner wear. They also have blankets, quilts, pillows and shawls apart from soft toys, rattles, play gym etc.Our verdict – The collection is amazingly fashionable and definitely not run-of-the-mill. The staff is very courteous and extremely well informed. Every customer seems to be given a glass of water on entering. Also the space is used well here. Pay and park facility is available on MG Road.

Starting a Real Estate Business

The real estate industry is very sensitive to economic changes like interest rates and the cost of materials in building houses. Interest rates in particular can easily swing the number of sales that are completed during any quarter of the year. Rising interest rates will slow down the sales and falling rates will aid the sales of real estate. This is an important fact in the real estate business as this can absolutely cause rapid changes in income from the sales that can be made.With this in mind, the time to buy an agency that comes up for sale may be when the real estate business is in the doldrums. A hot real estate market will make an existing firm worth more, as their income will be higher during this period of time. Of course if you follow this course of action, you will have to wait out the slow down in the markets. Another factor in the purchase or start-up a real estate company is the state licensing requirements.Most states have serious requirements for real estate agents and brokers. Brokers have a much stiffer requirement in most states than an agent. The requirements include passing exams and a fixed number of educational hours for both agents and brokers. There is also a requirement for continuing education. These state mandated steps to a career in the real estate business would have to be met before an agency could be purchased or started. Since this industry is regulated and has strong legal steps to comply with, this licensing plus experience would be an initial step to being an owner in this field. This is not a business that can be stepped into by just paying out some money.An agent can have the goal of owning their own firm, but it will take planning and meeting the state rules to make this happen. Once a potential owner has these steps out of the way, finding an existing business to buy will be in order. A quick check of real estate business listings reveals that they are usually found in larger cities and the asking price is significant. There are also resales of franchise companies. Just typing into a search engine, “Real estate businesses for sale”, came up with this quick check. A buyer could also check with business brokers and real estate brokers in their city. Another source worth checking out would be a franchise connection. An in place real estate business is advantages as the name is already known and will get clients due to this. When you start a company from the ground up you do not have this advantage. An existing business with several locations will come with a higher price tag than what you could start your own business for.Another way to gain ownership would be buying into an existing business. This could work if you have a solid relationship with the current owner. The problem is you will not have the final say in most decisions unless you are buying controlling interest.Specialty real estate firmsMost people think about a firm that helps with the buying and selling a home. There are several other areas of specialization. A real estate firm could become expert in buying and selling commercial property, farmland and farms, farm product processing plants, rental properties and shopping centers. Actually a broker could cut out a niche market from many that are available in the real estate business. If you have an area of expertise, this could become something that could be marketable and cut out a lot of competition in certain situations. Some real estate firms have unique departments that handle certain types of real estate marketing. The decision you must make is what kind of a firm are you going to own. You may have to start your own in order to make it happen.You could also get into real estate management and the buying and selling of these rental properties, which is a very unique part of the industry. Shopping center related firms could be in from the start of a project. They can help with the formation of the firm to build and own the property and then handle the rentals and day-to-day management of the center.The point of all of this is there are areas of real estate specialization that lend themselves to a business that just works in this real estate category.Finding the money to make your dream happenYou may not have the total purchase price for an existing business. The question is how do you come up with the balance to make the deal. Finding a source to lend you the money is one way to come up with the needed funds. There are businesses that offer loans to new owners of businesses. These can be found on the Internet by just doing a search. Family and friends could be another source of money. One way to get the needed money is to take in a partner for the business. If you have a friend in the business maybe they would be interested in owning part of the existing company. All of these possible money suppliers will have different requirements for paying the money back.Make sure you can see your way clearly on how you will accomplish the pay back. This business can be adversely affected by interest rates so you would need a second way to make the payments. A person thinking about ownership in this field must remember that it can be feast or famine as far as sales and commissions go. This is not like being in the restaurant business or owning a printing company. Successful brokers can make considerable money in a good market. They can also have periods that are very tight as to sales. The brokers that succeed have a policy of putting away some of their earnings during good times to cover the less profitable times. Doing this just shows the broker has a realistic view of the business.ConclusionsThis business can be extremely profitable during low interest rate economies. The legal and state requirements make the ownership of a brokerage firm more difficult to own than is the case with other businesses. Buying and selling a real estate business is somewhat more difficult due to the restrictions that are placed on the owner of a real estate firm. You must have the appropriate licenses in place before you can begin operation. This is true whether you buy a company or start one up from scratch. Finding a firm you can afford will take some time and research on your part. Hiring a professional business broker may speed up the search.Deciding early on if you want to be a specialist will set other decisions in place. Niche areas that you are an expert in will help cut the competition somewhat. A general real estate business will have the potential for more clients, but will need and ongoing advertising campaign to gain listings and clients looking to buy. The start-up is cheaper to open, but will have little cash flow like an existing firm. Money flow is the one huge advantage buying an existing business offers to the new owner.